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Smart Antimicrobial Technologies

Byotrol understands the significant need for high-performance antimicrobial technologies in modern lives. Traditional technologies like bleach and alcohol have been used to clean and kill germs for over 50 years, but whilst the demands of our lifestyles have vastly changed in that time, those products have not.

Byotrol’s first antimicrobial technology was invented and patented in the 1990’s, with the goal of creating an antimicrobial coating to prevent mould in a bakery. That first product proved to be highly effective, fast-acting and broad-spectrum, but in addition had unique long-lasting germ kill properties, continuing to work long after it had dried.

Since being floated on the UK AIM stock market in 2005, the original Byotrol technology has been used in millions of businesses and homes around the world, helping to prevent infection in hospitals, controlling listeria in food factories and cleaning and protecting our homes and families from harmful pathogens.

Our portfolio of technologies and products has grown extensively since 2005 and is being commercialised under our own brands and with carefully selected partners in a variety of applications and markets.

Byotrol’s territories of sale have also grown significantly and our products are now sold and used throughout Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia.

We have invested heavily in scientific excellence, with our team of scientists, product development and regulatory specialists now operating out of outstanding laboratories in the North-West of England, at Thornton Science Park, University of Chester campus.

Byotrol’s on-going innovation programme ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry, with a focussed pipeline of research and development to discover new and disruptive biocidal technologies, as well as a number of joint development agreements in partnership with key customers.