Byotrol and 3C team up to save 600,000 children’s lives

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  • Byotrol and 3C team up to save 600,000 children’s lives

    New programme in India aims to save lives by improving hand hygiene
    3C Collective, in association with Byotrol, is launching a project in India, in a bid to improve hand hygiene in communities with limited access to safe sanitation and clean water.

    Byotrol-and-C3-Lead-ImageThe project aims to tackle the issue of poor hand sanitisation at point of defecation through innovation. Recent figures have revealed that improving hand hygiene could save over 600,000 children’s lives annually, and make life happier and more productive for many, many more children and adults around the globe.

    Despite numerous initiatives and increasing efforts in the public health world, proven, scalable, and cost-effective solutions have failed to effect the required change in behaviour to-date. For millions in developing countries in low-income areas where harmful pathogens are rife and issues like poor nutrition make health more fragile, poor hand sanitisation can be a life or death issue.

    It is hoped that product innovation using Byotrol Technology could be part of the solution to this ongoing problem. 3C - which began life as project Clean Hands Inc. - has already undertaken two rounds of new product development. Funded by a USAID Development Innovation Ventures grant, the research tested a range of concepts and prototypes in Indian slums, working on the insight that low-income consumers consistently recognise that soap and water does not fit their needs.

    The chosen product will offer an affordable yet appealing commercial solution to the pressing public health problem. 3C are seeking further finance to fund the pilot market. Byotrol will be supporting the programme by providing access to its technology but is not currently investing financially. The company will use the study to gather insights around how Byotrol technology could be used for mass-market personal care.

    The product being tested doesn’t require water to work, and so, given the scarcity and price of water in many slums, it is anticipated that the impact of the product’s introduction will have a much more long-lasting legacy.

    Byotrol’s long-lasting germ kill and protection benefits will help to protect big and small hands in a way soap simply can’t, and will hopefully minimise the risk of serious infection in some of the most vulnerable communities.

    Helen Trevaskis and Walter Gibson, founders of C3

    “We’re looking forward to working in partnership with 3C on the programme and hope that our efforts will help to improve hygiene standards in some of the world’s most underprivileged communities, and save hundreds of lives in the process.”

    David Traynor, Chief Executive, Byotrol, based at Sci-Tech Daresbury

    The programme will be piloted in communities in India over the next 12 months.

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