Byotrol creates secret hygiene weapon for athletes

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  • Byotrol creates secret hygiene weapon for athletes

    Secret Training, has teamed up with Byotrol to develop a range of exclusive hygiene products that use the brand’s unique technology to protect athletes when it matters most – in the heat of competition.

    Strip-Sanitiser-Blog-Lead-ImageThe agreement sees Byotrol technology used in the range’s hand hygiene product. Strip hand sanitiser helps to protect athletes from bacteria commonly associated with sport. Normal sanitary standards are often suspended in the heat of competition so the Byotrol hand sanitiser offers a solution to help to kill bacteria and protect athletes for up to six hours, even during competitions.

    Secret Training was set up by Tim Lawson, a competitive cyclist and current Elite National Cycling Champion (Team Pursuit) and European Masters Individual Pursuit, after he spotted an opportunity to offer high-quality products to athletes at the top of their game. Having mastered the sports nutrient market, taking Science in Sport from his kitchen table to the Olympics, Tim’s aim with Secret Training is to offer a one-stop-race-day-shop for athletes.

    The Byotrol powered hand sanitiser is part of a new range of products launched as part of Tim’s Secret Training range. The Strip System range has been designed to answer every athlete’s needs, and has been created using only essential ingredients, to ensure fitness for purpose without unnecessary and unhealthy additions. From warm-up to clean-up, the product range carries, invigorates, protects, sanitises, calms, cools, moisturises, nourishes, soothes & cleans.

    In the heat of competition, normal hygiene standards go out of the window. Any athlete knows the impact of germs and bacteria, and so the Byotrol hand sanitiser offers a viable solution that continues to protect for up to six hours. Byotrol technology takes the worry away, helping athletes to focus on the race. We’re pleased to have found a solution and look forward to working on expanding the range in partnership with Byotrol.

    Tim Lawson, Founder of Secret Training

    David Traynor, Chief Executive, Byotrol, based at Sci-Tech Daresbury, added:
    “The partnership with Secret Training is the first major step for us into the world of personal care in the health and fitness arena. The new products offer a great solution to athletes looking for effective bacteria protection. Byotrol’s long-lasting germ kill and protection benefits will help to protect athletes like never before, and we hope this is the start of a great partnership.”

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