Byotrol® helps to keep Medical Detection Dogs in good health

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  • Byotrol® helps to keep Medical Detection Dogs in good health

    Byotrol® helps to keep Medical Detection Dogs in good health

    Byotrol are pleased to support the Medical Detection Dogs charity, which is working towards the advancement of research into the early diagnosis of cancer and other serious diseases.

    Medical Detection Dogs uses the amazing power of the dog’s nose to detect human diseases. Its research is based on the dog’s ability to detect minute odour traces created by diseases. Because dogs are able to detect tiny odour concentrations, around one part per trillion (the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic sized swimming pools), they are potentially able to detect diseases, such as cancer, much earlier than is currently possible.

    Such pioneering work could help to speed up the diagnosis process and impact on thousands of lives. Medical Detection Dogs is very excited and proud to be carrying out an NHS ethically approved study into the dogs’ ability to detect urological cancers using their sense of smell. Alongside the urological study they are running the first NHS ethically approved proof-of-principle trial exploring the ability of dogs to detect breast cancer and have interest from many in the medical profession on the potential to detect other cancers such as lung and colorectal cancers.

    Medical Detection Dogs has been using Byopet™, Byotrol’s own brand range of next generation hand and surface sanitising solutions for pet professionals. The products are used to clean the facilities that the dogs work in and the hands of staff and visitors, to ensure maximum protection from harmful microbes which could threaten the health and safety of the Medical Detection Dogs team. With impressive antimicrobial efficacy against pet-specific pathogens such a canine parvovirus, without the use of phenols, ammonia or bleach, the Byopet range is ideal for use in environments where hygiene and animal health are a priority.  

    Byotrol’s consumer pet care products are sold throughout the UK, by leading pet speciality retailers, supermarkets and garden centres.

    Dr Clare Guest, Chief Executive and Director of Operations at Medical Detection Dogs, commented, “We are very grateful to Byotrol for the support they give us by providing their Byopet product for use in our centre. It is reassuring to know that we are using a safe, effective and long lasting product.”

    Speaking on behalf of Byotrol, David Traynor, Chief Executive Officer, commented; “We are very pleased and proud to support the fantastic work that Medical Detection Dogs is doing in such an important area of research.”

    Medical Detection Dogs is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1124533 and in Scotland No. SC044434. For more information and to find out how you can support their organisation please visit

    Further information about Byopet™ can be found at

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    • Great to hear of this connection with, and donation to, Medical Detection Dogs charity. Much to admire regarding the companies business perspective – not to mention more insight into the value of the products.


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