Byotrol technology supports new Beaphar Pet range launch in Europe

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  • Byotrol technology supports new Beaphar Pet range launch in Europe

    Byotrol technology supports new Beaphar Pet range launch in Europe

    In partnership with Byotrol, long standing and leading pet care manufacturer, Beaphar, have launched a new range of pet environment hygiene products for distribution into European consumer markets.
    Following a successful launch at the Interzoo trade show in May 2016, a range of surface care products have now hit the shelves of German retailers with very promising early results. Distribution is due to be extended with launches throughout further territories including France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Norway in 2017.
    The range consists of surface care products targeted at reducing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses throughout the home, as well as odour elimination and stain removal. Key to the Beaphar surface care range is Byotrol’s long lasting antimicrobial technology which keeps on working to provide on-going protection from pathogens which threaten the health and wellbeing of families and their pets.
    Speaking on behalf of Beaphar, Daan Aa, Commercial Director and grandson of original Beaphar founder, commented; “Beaphar’s philosophy is that pets deserve the very best, it is with that in mind that we have developed our new surface care hygiene products utilising Byotrol’s unique long lasting technology. We selected Byotrol as a key technology partner due to their scientific credentials and we look forward to developing our relationship further in the future.”

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    Comments (2)

    • Hi Nick
      Has Beaphar had to revue ingredients under EU regs and therefore picked Byotrol i.e. regs suppporting new customers with existing products. Or is this another new product idea which has no history yet and may or may not prove popular? Thanks again, Eric

      • Hi Eric,
        The new range launched with Beaphar in continental Europe is part of the 5-year license partnership we have with them covering Byotrol’s new surface care formulations across pet care and covers a range of claims which are very attractive to pet owners. Obviously the evolving regulatory framework is a fundamental consideration when bringing new products to the market in Europe and this range is BPR compliant.
        Best Regards,


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