Byotrol in business

Byotrol is already helping a number of businesses achieve and maintain the highest level of hygiene. Byotrol can be incorporated into a vast number of products to deliver broad spectrum, long-lasting antimicrobial performance in a much safer and more caring way than previously believed possible.

Byotrol is effective on all surfaces and can be formulated in many different forms and formulations which means it is applicable to a wide number of industries and is already having impact all over the world.

Cleaning Show 2011 - Innovation Awards

Presented by Chemspec as part of their Formula 429 - product portfolio, Byotrol's Fogging Solution for the decontamination of hospitals and other facilities was recognised by the judges at the 2011 Cleaning Show not only for its superior performance to Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone based solutions, but also for its much lower investment cost.

National Health Service Smart Solutions

Chosen from over 200 submissions from across Europe, Byotrol's superior Ultra Low Volume Cold Fogging System was chosen as one of nine winners of the UK National Health Service's Smart Solutions Award intended to find new ways to help combat healthcare associated infections (HCAIs). The award was presented to one of Byotrol's distributor's, Chempspec, who present their product as Formula 429. Read more

Byotrol Wins Major Food Hygiene Award

In November 2010 Byotrol was awarded the Best New Product at the annual Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (SOFHT) Awards in recognition of its completely ground-breaking technology and incredible antimicrobial efficacy.