Byotrol’s Hygiene Revolution reaches major milestone

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  • Byotrol’s Hygiene Revolution reaches major milestone

    Byotrol’s Hygiene Revolution reaches major milestone

    Byotrol’s Hygiene Revolution announced that it has recruited its 10,000th fan today, exactly one year since the campaign was launched via social media.
    The campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the need for better hygiene standards, kicked off in April 2013. Since then, the campaign has reached more than 6 million people in the UK, gaining traction within national media including the Daily Mail and featuring across a range of influential UK parent blogs.

    The campaign has enabled Byotrol to bring its unique mode of action to life. Unlike traditional products, which stop working less than 30 seconds after drying, Byotrol continues to protect, helping to safeguard people from unwanted bacteria and germs for longer. It does this by creating a barrier, which remains even after drying, and prevents unwanted germs from settling on that surface again for up to 24 hours.

    The campaign was created to encourage consumers to think seriously about hygiene, and make the distinction between cleanliness and hygiene, both in the home and when they are out and about. The campaign primarily serves as a way to educate consumers – a place where myths surrounding common held hygiene beliefs, such as the five second rule, can be debated, where consumers can be shown what to look for when choosing restaurants and nurseries and a place where product claims on household products can be scrutinised and explained.

    The Hygiene Revolution came about because we wanted to highlight that there was another, more effective way at combatting germs. The Hygiene Revolution has given us a platform in which to engage consumers on their hygiene habits, spark debate among online influencers, and bring our unique technology to life.

    We believe that this is the start of a major hygiene revolution and that Byotrol’s long-lasting germ kill and protection is the solution we’ve been looking for in our homes, hospitals and when we’re out and about.

    David Traynor, Chief Executive - Byotrol
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