Market Sectors

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A Global Appeal

Byotrol operates in a wide variety of markets and territories, from niche to mass market.  We protect the wellbeing of millions of people every year, from harmful microbes that are present in a variety of environments;

Professional products for businesses

Our professional sector products are used by Olympic sports teams, major grocery retailers, hospitals and nursery schools. Sold through distribution giants such as Office Depot, Viking, Bunzl, Rentokil Initial and the UK’s NHS Supply Chain, our products are easily accessed by businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Consumer products for homes 

With a strong history of commercial success and an easily-understood brand proposition, our consumer products in household and pet care categories have been adopted by large retail partners and leading-brands throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa. Our technology brand has quickly become the reason to believe in the market-leading performance of our cobranded products.

We are specialists in the biocide world and tailor our technologies to meet customer needs, and to fit completely within the complex and numerous regulatory landscapes which govern our markets and territories of sale.

Crossing cultural boundaries as well as thousands of miles, Byotrol products are highly valued in export markets and are sold by our committed distribution partners and agents across the world.

World Marketplace

Operating in Partnership

Byotrol offers superior product performance, accompanied by incremental ingredient brand equity based on intellectual property which is protected by a series of granted and applied-for patents.

We offer our export distribution partners:

  • Exclusive long-term supply relationships

  • Byotrol branded or cobranded product ranges

  • Superior products with fully validated data packs

  • Industry-specific commercial success case studies

  • Regulatory guidance

Global Partners

Byotrol distributors and agents

We operate globally, if you are interested in becoming an authorised distributor or agent of Byotrol products and in your country please contact us for more details.