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Trust, efficacy and safety

Byotrol has long been the antimicrobial brand of choice for pet owners throughout Europe, Asia and South Africa. With a proven history of commercial success in pet speciality consumer retail channels and well-established brand positioning, the Byotrol Pet Care proposition is easily understood by pet owners; proven antimicrobial efficacy from a trusted brand with the safety of pets at the heart of what we do.

Our unique, residual performance elevates our products to a next-generation position in this emotive category, providing our partners with a technology which positively influences perceived consumer value and gives end-users unprecedented peace of mind.

Product formats vary across the health and hygiene category, providing our partners with a complementary range of products for pet grooming, as well as multi-surface cleaners for pet and home environments. Our internal and independent testing confirms that our products are particularly effective against pet-specific microbes which can harm pets and our families.

Pet Product Range

Next-generation hygiene for pets

Byotrol Pet Care products not only leave your pet and home smelling fresh, they create a long-lasting barrier to protect your family from harmful germs and remains effective for up to 24 hours, long after traditional cleaning products have stopped working.

This revolutionary long-lasting barrier continues to protect hands and surfaces without using alcohol, bleach, ammonia or phenols, which can all harm pets. This gentle, yet powerful performance protects all members of your family against the germs that can cause odours, sickness and disease for both humans and pets.

Ideal for use by professionals and consumers alike, our products have undergone significant testing to rigorous European standards, by both our in-house Technical Team and independent laboratories and are manufactured to strict quality standards.

Byotrol is the obvious choice for Petface, both as a technology partner and on-pack branded endorsement, giving our products differentiation through proven integrity and market-leading innovation.

Peter Johnson Managing Director,
Petface Ltd


Distributors and Agents

Byotrol distributors and agents operate globally, if you are interested in becoming an authorised distributor or agent of Byotrol products and in your country please contact us for more details.