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Better hygiene, better business

Byotrol technologies and products have varied applications in business environments, throughout healthcare, food manufacturing, catering, facilities management and washroom markets.

Our product range offers broad-spectrum microbial control against common and industry-specific pathogens, including products specifically designed for fast-acting and/or long-lasting efficacy.

Byotrol products are suitable for use across multiple surfaces including stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or chrome finishes, rubber and plastics and offer significant cost benefits as they don’t degrade or damage valuable equipment, unlike more aggressive alternatives.

Having been listed on the NHS Supply Chain and used throughout NHS Trusts including Acute, Mental Health and Community Care, our INVIRTU hand sanitiser is the alcohol-free hand sanitiser of choice in the UK healthcare market. Using INVIRTU alcohol-free hand sanitiser as part of your hand hygiene protocol helps to build compliance and reduce Healthcare Associated Infections, by protecting hands from cross contamination between washes whilst retaining skin hydration and maintaining a natural pH balance.

Our extensive capabilities and experience in the food and beverage industry have resulted in a product range which has been specially formulated to tackle common hygiene issues associated with today’s complex commercial food environments, ensuring crucial compliance with industry and customer standards.

Modern office environments, with shared hot-desking and air-conditioning increase the risk of spreading illness between colleagues and increasing absenteeism. Introducing Byotrol products can help to reduce absenteeism, improve product quality, compliance and profitability, across a range of professional sectors.

Professional Product Range

A hygiene revolution for healthy teams

As well as offering significant benefits to the management of public and private spaces and encouraging healthy workplaces, Byotrol products have been adopted for use by leading sports health professionals, to minimise the risk of infection which can hinder the performance of their teams.

Infection prevention techniques employed at training grounds are fast becoming an important strategic tool to improve overall hygiene, resulting in more motivated and better performing squads. Byotrol products are being used to regularly disinfect grounds, training facilities, gyms and living areas, and to sanitise hands in order to minimise risk of infections and improve overall wellbeing.

It is vital to keep our athletes at the peak of their fitness. Preventing the spread of germs by issuing individual personal bottles of INVIRTU hand sanitisers offers my team a layer of defence to help keep germs at bay, so they can concentrate on achieving their ultimate performance at the Commonwealth Games.

Dr Niall Elliott
Chief Medical Officer, Team Scotland

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