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Developing game-changing technologies

We believe that the responsible, targeted use of biocides can make the world a safer, better place.

We understand how to develop, formulate and commercialise different types of antimicrobials to meet business and consumer needs. Our approach is grounded in excellent science, informed by customer and consumer insight and tailored to fit with the various local, national and regional regulatory demands including the BPR in Europe and the EPA in the US.

We target ‘better than leading brand’ performance from our products, at a price that provides cost benefits to business users and is seen as good value by individual consumers. 

As part of our approach we use recognised efficacy tests or – if none are available – develop new standards in consultation with expert partners such as the British Standards Institute or specific industry experts.  We have specialist expertise in long-lasting antimicrobial products and have developed new test methodologies to illustrate and justify the benefits, based upon real-life conditions which mirror end user behaviour.

Working in partnership

Byotrol products and technologies seek to offer superior product performance and claims, backed by patents, deep know-how and in many cases by our brand equity and support.

We have an ongoing innovation programme working with specialist chemical companies, manufacturers, retailers, institution and academia.

We offer our partners:

  • Finished antimicrobial products and ingredients with tailored product performance

  • Unique technical intellectual property

  • Exclusive long-term supply & licensing relationships

  • Superior, validated claims platforms

  • A track record of consumer & industry-specific commercial success

  • Regulatory guidance across multiple territories


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