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Cleaning made easy

Actizone’s 24 hour action cleans, sanitises and prevents build-up of dirt, making cleaning easier than ever before.

Byotrol plc have taken an insight driven approach to create and develop a new broad spectrum, residual antimicrobial technology within the constantly changing regulatory framework. Our research and development pipeline, combined with core consumer insights around cleaning and hygiene, led to the opportunity to move beyond current technologies.

  • Developed through a research programme with academia

  • Joint development with specialist chemical partner

  • Unique, patented proposition

Technical Development Programme


Byotrol’s expert antimicrobial and residual knowledge led to a different approach to regulatory barriers including a screening programme with Manchester University to understand residual efficacy from macromolecule technologies. Our research and development programme led to work with a specialist chemical partner whose solution showed excellent efficacy. This specialist chemical partner engineered a new polymer to Byotrol’s brief to bring superior cleaning performance to the proposition.

Superior Cleaning Performance

In a soap scum dispersal test, Actizone technology significantly outperformed the market leader


Partnership opportunity with industry

The end result – a new and unique combination of cleaning claims and microbiology performance is delivered by the technology. A new UK patent was granted in 2014. In the EU and most suitable for consumer markets, the technology can be deployed in multiple product formats throughout household cleaning.

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