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Excellence in skin care

Our INVIRTU technology has been developed specifically for skin care applications. Suitable for both professional and consumer products as an alternative to alcohol hand sanitisers, it has been specially formulated to be efficacious and yet gentle on the skin.

  • Unique, patented technology

  • Fast-acting broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy (including H1N1, VRE and CRE)

  • Clinically proven to retain skin hydration and maintain natural pH balance

  • Provides prolonged antibacterial protection between hand washes

Predominantly utilised in hand sanitiser applications and ideal for healthcare or veterinary markets, INVIRTU is clinically proven not to dry the hands after repeated use, has been dermatologically tested by independent experts and confirmed as being as gentle as water.

INVIRTU proven as gentle as water

Independent, dermatological 96 hour patch tests and 24 hour Trans Epidermal Water Loss tests confirm that INVIRTU alcohol-free hand foam sanitiser is as gentle as water on your skin and won’t dry the skin like alcohol hand sanitisers can.

Trans Epidermal Water Loss Graph

Trans Epidermal Water Loss study data – effect on skin for 24 hours after application.

Minimising risk, increasing compliance

INVIRTU is as efficacious as many alcohol sanitisers, meets the expected level of efficacy required and results in greater user acceptability - which helps contribute to an increase in hand hygiene compliance.

Kim Shaw Lead Infection Control,
Essex Partnership University NHS Trust

With fast-acting broad-spectrum efficacy against common germs and providing prolonged antibacterial protection, INVIRTU alcohol-free hand foam sanitiser helps reduce Healthcare Associated Infections, minimise risk to users and increase hand hygiene compliance in environments where infection control is of the paramount importance. Being an alcohol-free technology, INVIRTU is additionally suitable for vulnerable or dependant users and finished products conform to Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic law.

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